Need Help with your property?
Need Help with your property?

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    The Area

    Location: The importance of this has been pushed and pushed by TV programmes and the likes of Phil Spencer & Kirsty Allsopp – but its sigificance remains very true! Location is vital; how far do you want to commute? How close to local amenities are you? How good is the public transport? In the city centre scenario, how close are you to your place of work? Where are the nearest bars and restaurants? Is the area up and coming?

    Take a look at the area at different times during the day; maybe have a drive round at night.  Note, for example, if there a lot of broken glass in the street as it could indicate a high crime area.

    Other tips include: –

    • Take a family member or friend, whose opinion you trust, to see the property.
    • Make sure the property is within your budget.
    • Remember to ask about the cost of utilities and other costs outside the purchase price.
    • Compare what you’d like to have against what you really need.
    • Don’t make a spur-of-the-moment decision! This is an investment and needs careful consideration.

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