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Need Help with your property?

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    Vendors Guide to Selling

    tHE vENDORS guide

    If you are thinking of selling a property, the process may seem very daunting at first. But with the right agent, the process should run very smoothly.
    Here at Julie Twist Properties we have an excellent sales team with expert sales knowledge of Manchester City Centre, Salford and Salford Quays
    Our aim is to secure the best possible price for the property in the quickest time and work closely with all parties with our dedicated sales progression team.

    Here is a guide to help you sell your property with ease

    If you are looking at taking the next step on the property ladder then you need to speak to a mortgage advisor first, to help you find the best mortgage for you and make sure you can afford to make that move. 

    Speak to the sales team who can refer you to our independent and regulated mortgage broker. Click here

    When putting your property on the market, the most important stage is the valuation.

    Get it right and you’ll generate a sale in a much shorter period of time. Get it wrong and you could miss potential sale opportunities.

    With the modern-day importance of marketing through internet portals, placing your property within the correct price band has become ever more crucial as people search by price. 85% of all leads come from portals marketing and the information is monitored daily to give an accurate picture of your property’s position in the national market.

    On the valuation you will also receive information on the following: –

    • Similar properties sold recently in your area and at comparable prices
    • An idea of the demand for the property in that price range
    • Some good advice and tips that will improve your chances of a quick and stress- free sale

    First impressions count and as soon as someone walks into a property you need to have the wow factor. This means not just tidying up but polishing it until it sparkles. Organise everything and remove the clutter. The goal is to make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. If you are living in an apartment block it isn’t always easy to make sure the communal areas leave the right impression. If you’re not happy with the communal areas speak to the managing agents, after all you pay for a service and they need to know if it isn’t being done to a great standard.

    Once you have decided on an agent then speak to us about what happens next. Agents will need you to sign their terms of business which is a document outlining what services they offer and payment terms as well as asking you for information about the property itself.
    We will also require ID and proof of address for anti-money laundering purposes and a check will need to be carried out on each seller, ID will need to be verified. Once the agent has this paperwork they will then ask to book in a time to take the marketing photos and floorplan so they can prepare the marketing material.

    At Julie Twist Properties, we pride ourselves in leading the way in all areas of the Manchester property market. That’s why we encourage our clients to have a proactive attitude towards sales and to appoint a solicitor prior to a sale being agreed. Through such measures, we can speed up the sales process and in turn reduce the risk of a sale falling through. We have a panel of recommend solicitors, please contact us to obtain some quotes.

    This is a legal requirement on any property that you want to sell. An EPC shows the efficiency and environmental impact of your property. It is rated on a scale, showing the current rating and the potential rating. Vendors need to be aware as from April 2019 any property below an F cannot be rented out so this would make some properties not available to investors.

    We do a huge amount of marketing both within and beyond the office to ensure that your property is seen by thousands of prospective purchasers. We would strongly advise any prospective client to check online so that you can see for yourself just how our agency operates and performs .
    Our website, www.julietwist.co.uk, generates an enormous amount of traffic and as we specialise in selling apartments, you can be confident that your property is being seen by your target market. Marketing is not just left to the web, of course – we believe in a personal approach and will pick up the phone, keeping our vendors and purchasers updated and building strong business relationships.
    Our team is always happy to arrange face-to-face meetings, keeping everyone up to speed with the selling process.

    The Manchester market generally favours accompanied viewings, a system with distinct advantages. Where a prospective buyer might be uncomfortable telling a vendor their true opinion, they will be honest with us, telling us what they don’t like as well as what they do! This vital information helps us to work with vendors and turn negative comments into positive ones.

    All offers, no matter how low, are put to vendors in writing to keep you up to date with your property’s progress on the market. Our team’s negotiating expertise is coupled with a strong knowledge of the local market and these skills help to ensure that a mutually acceptable sale price is agreed.

    The most important part of sales progression is good contact between the buyer, the seller and the solicitors, as well as other parties such as mortgage brokers and surveyors. Statistically, some of the main reasons for sales falling through are breakdowns in communication and a lack of understanding of the sales process; that is why it is important that we are here for you to make sure the sale runs smoothly .

    For more information on sales progression click here (LINK)

    The end is in sight: the sale has been agreed and a completion date has been set. So, what now?
    To ensure a trouble-free completion, a few details need to be arranged prior to the day. Keys need to be ready for handover, utility meters should be read, and in some cases, properties will need to be cleaned and furniture removed.
    We’re able to help you arrange all of these things – you can even take advantage of our own in-house cleaning and maintenance services, helping to take the stress out of your sale. Keeping it all in-house means that you know the property is being handled by people whom you can trust.

    Getting Ready to Move


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    Most frequent questions and answers
    • Make a short list of agents that you would like to see, it’s always good to see at least three agents to compare.
    • Check them out online, look at their website, see where they advertise. Do a mystery shop, send in an enquiry and see how fast they respond and with what level of customer service.
    • Look at their reviews on AllAgents, the best way to gauge the level of customer service is by previous customers’ experiences.
    • Don’t just look at the fee, look at what they can offer, e.g. when they offer accompanies viewings, office opening times, what they have in place for sales progression, level of experience of the staff, company qualifications etc


    This all depends on what type of contact you sign with the agents; some agents have sole selling rights that tie you in for a period of time, others you can sign a joint selling contract so two agents can sell your property. You must notify the other agent once an offer has been accepted.

    This is not a nice thing to happen but it can, a good agent will try everything they can to stop his from happening as it can work out very costly, you’ll lose any money that you have spent on surveys, advisor fees, mortgage fees and so on.

    If the buyer withdraws from the sale after exchange of contracts the seller is entitled to keep any deposit that has been paid and also claim for any fees paid.

    If you decide to withdraw after exchange of contracts then the buyer has the right to claim any fees that have been paid.

    Many vendors ask this and it should be taken into serious consideration. We typically advise to agree to take the property off the market for a set period of time in which the buyer would need to make a financial commitment, i.e. a mortgage valuation or survey to be booked in. However the final decision on whether to suspend viewings is always up to the vendor. It’s worth bearing in mind that very few buyers are willing to proceed with solicitors and mortgage applications whilst a property remains on the market and viewings continue. Either way, vendors should make a firm decision when accepting an offer as to how they would like to proceed with viewings and marketing, this will be relayed to the buyer and agreed on both sides before moving forward.