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    How To Present My House For Sale

    Tips for Presenting Your Property for Sale

    Here at Julie Twist Properties we are well aware that the decision to sell your home is one that must not be taken lightly. That is why we have a team of qualified experts who are willing to share advice and provide you with detailed information on how to present your property favourably in order to get the best possible return on your investment.

    First impressions are vital to somebody who is looking to buy a new home, that is why it is your job to ensure that the property is looking fresh and clean as opposed to dull and uninviting. Simple and inexpensive tasks such as giving the door a fresh lick of paint or de-cluttering the hallway can make a world of difference to a potential buyer.


    This is the most simple of tasks yet it can make a huge difference to your property! Potential buyers want to view spacious and tidy homes, as they need to be able to imagine their own possessions in the property and by having too many items out on show this prevents them from being able to visualise this.

    The trick is to remove any unwanted items out of view by storing things in cupboards or having a clear out; thus allowing the property to feel spacious and inviting. Not only will this help you to sell your property but it will also ensure that you are more organised for your own move and enable you to detach yourself from the property.

    Go Neutral & De-Personalise

    This is the point at which you need to move family photos and other items which personalise your property out of sight, in order for your potential buyer to imagine themselves living there.

     The viewer needs to put their own stamp on the property and if it is stuffed full of personal objects or family portraits, then they will find it more difficult to imagine this. Items such as a mirror hung in the hallway are far more effective, as they can give the impression of space and the viewer can directly see themselves in the property, thus helping them to imagine themselves living there.

    By keeping the décor neutral, you are also more likely to appeal to the majority and entice more buyers which will ultimately help you to sell your property faster. As well as this, the property will feel brighter and more spacious giving the appearance of a more organised home.

    Fitness for Human Habitation Bill

    Finish Odd Jobs

    Now is the time to stop putting off that leaking shower or broken cupboard door that is hanging off and do something about it. 

    Ask yourself, would you move into a property that had lots of unfinished DIY tasks? The answer is probably no, so get your screwdriver out, head off to a local DIY store or rope in the help of an old friend who can help you with any unfinished tasks. 

    Even simple and inexpensive tasks such as replacing light bulbs can help to sell the property by giving the illusion of more space.

    Eliminate Smells

    It is a well-known fact that bad smells and odours are the biggest turn off to a potential buyer. Certain smells such as cigarette smoke, pet food or mould can linger on fabrics and whilst you may have grown accustomed to them over time, your viewers will not.

    Invest in some plug- in air fresheners which automatically go off every half an hour and ensure that you open windows to air the property well before a viewing. 

    Another way to prevent bad odours is by cleaning your carpets and curtains, putting fresh bedding on or even brewing a pot of coffee before the viewing takes place. All of these simple tasks can give the property a more homely feel to the viewer.

    Give The Property A Deep Clean

    this can make a real difference to a property, if your home is looking tired and dull, then an intense clean can make it appear far more modern and inviting. Many potential buyers find it difficult to see through the dirt and grime of a property, so wipe down every surface until it shines, get the hoover out and mop the floors.

    Another big turn off for a potential buyer is pet hairs on the furniture or the carpets, this is why an intensive clean is so important, also if possible try and ensure that pets are not in the property whilst the viewing is taking place as this can put many people off.

    Pay Attention To Any Outdoor Space

    It is not just the inside of a property that is important but the appearance of the garden or outside space can be just as vital to securing a sale. Therefore, it is essential that the garden or balcony is not a mess.

    Ensure that the lawn has been mowed, that there are no weeds which are visible in the garden, tidy up the flowerbeds or just simply wipe down the outside furniture on the balcony.

    And Finally….

    Do not be afraid to ask for advice from us here at Julie Twist. Our friendly team are here to help you and they want to ensure that you secure a sale at the best possible price- after all it is their job.

    Not only are they professionals in their field, but they can often provide more detailed advice which can help you to sell your property and beat the local competition.

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