Need Help with your property?
Need Help with your property?

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    Getting ready to move

    Moving Checklist

    Moving house does not need to give you a headache and stress you out, careful organisation and forward planning is key to make the move as straight forward as possible.


    • Have a clear out and get rid of what you don’t need
    • Order cardboard boxes
    • Get  removal quotes and book in a date as soon as you know it– choose a company that is a member of the National Guild of Removals and Storers
    • Find a new school for your children if required
    • Take measurements of your new property to make sure your furniture will fit
    • If you’re renting, notify your current landlord of the date when you are hoping to leave but will they be flexible just in case of any delays


    • Do an inventory of all furniture that is going to the new property so the removals company know what should be going
    • If you need to order new furniture then arrange for this to be delivered to your new property
    • If you are security conscious then call a locksmith to come and change the locks for your new property as you do not know who has keys
    • Call on your friends and family to help you with the move
    • Book time off work not just for that day but maybe take a day either side ( remember moving at a weekend may cost more than a week day)
    • Label boxes clearly and logically so that it’s easier when you come to unpack.

    2 WEEKS
    TO GO

    Now is the time to contact

    • Energy and water suppliers
    • Council tax office
    • Home Insurance Company
    • Car Insurance Company
    • TV Phone and Internet Providers
    • TV Licence
    • Doctors and Dentist ( if moving away from the area you will need to find new ones)
    • Contact the removals company to confirm dates and times
    • Contact the  post office to organise for your mail to be redirected to your new address. It’s also a good idea to leave some handy stickers with your new address on them for the new inhabitants at your old place so that they can forward any mail easily.
    • Make arrangements for the moving of any pets – ideally, you want to move them last to cause the minimum disruption to them .You don’t want your dog or cat running around whilst the removals company is trying to unload! If necessary, have a friend look after pets for a day or two during the transition


    Now is the time to make sure you have packed everything up

    • Pack an overnight bag with toiletries, change of clothes etc in case there is a delay with your removal company
    • Pack some tea, coffee, milk, sugar and biscuits as emergency supplies
    • Make sure all your valuables are packed and go with you on the move
    • Make sure your mobile phones are charged before you leave and take chargers with you.
    • Call the locksmith, if used, to confirm the time
    • Return the keys for your old home. Ensure the property is clean and tidy when you leave, whether you have sold your property or moved out of a rented home – leave your old home in the way in which you would like to find your new one.
    • Send out Change of Address notifications to friends, acquaintances, relatives and anyone else who needs to know