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    What is an EWS1?


    An EWS1 (External Wall System) certificate is evidence that a building with potentially combustible cladding has had a fire safety assessment as per fire safety regulations on residential buildings. After several rule changes, an EWS1 is now only required on buildings above 18 metres.  A qualified professional will conduct a fire-risk appraisal of the external wall system, or cladding. They will then sign the EWS1 form based on that assessment.

    The building will be assigned one of the following ratings:

    External wall materials are unlikely to support combustion. Split into:

    • A1 – There is no cladding that contains significant quantities of combustible material
    • A2 – A risk assessment of cladding has taken place and no remedial works are required
    • A3 – Cladding is unlikely to support combustion but remedial works may still be needed

    The cladding contains combustible materials. Then your building can be:

    • B1 – The fire risk is low enough that remedial works are not required
    • B2 – The fire risk is high enough to require remedial work

    The EWS1 certificate was introduced to reassure lenders so that mortgages can be offered on flats within a building with cladding. They can then consider the above ratings and whether a mortgage can be obtained.



    Written by Joseph Climance