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    You Have Your Say On: Rentals

    At Julie Twist Properties, we like to keep you up to speed with local and national property news, as well as giving advice about the sales and rentals processes.  But your opinion matters, too. So, this week, we’ve handed the reins over to you: we asked you to tell us what matters to you most when searching for a rental property.

    And you responded in no uncertain terms! Our Twitter poll found that a whopping 64% of you prioritise location over any other aspect, when looking for a place to rent.

    Just 18% of voters were most concerned with the way a property is presented, while a further 18% found the size of the property to be the key factor.

    There are several reasons why location is often considered so important by those looking to move. Perhaps the most significant is cost – once you figure out which part of town suits your budget, you’re able to narrow down the field and select a few properties to view.

    Of course, many people choose a particular spot for the ease of commuting or because of the amenities in the area (for example, schools, shops and restaurants).

    For others, being a certain distance away from somewhere (far away enough from noise, traffic or even your parents’ house!!) might be a decision-maker or breaker.

    It seems, then, that the old adage of ‘location, location, location’ still rings true. Although the area should be a major factor in the decision-making process, though, it’s important not to completely discount a property just because it falls slightly outside your most preferred part of the city. Indeed, sometimes branching out helps you to see just what you can get for your money (and that’s where presentation and size of property come in).

    It’s a good idea to remember that most property moves involve some sort of compromise – travelling an extra mile to work might get you that second bedroom, an extra parking space or a bit of garden. Quality of life is a key consideration here.

    Even more importantly, research has found that tenants tend to regret moving to unknown areas. What this suggests is that it’s really important to do your homework before signing a contract – and if you don’t know the area well, one of the best ways of doing so is to ask a trusted lettings agency to help out. Any agent worth their salt should know the local area like the back of their hand and should be keen to assist you, too.

    So, if you’re not sure, just ask! After all, your new rental will be your home for some time to come – and it’s vital that you make the right decision.

     Julie Twist Properties covers Manchester City Centre, Salford Quays and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a rental property in a particular part of town, let us help you!

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