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    Would You Let a Tradesperson Use the Loo?

    Would You Let a Tradesperson Use the Loo? Research Says a Third Wouldn’t

    There comes a time in every resident’s life when you have to deal with a tradesperson. Often (although not always) it’s as a response to some sort of breakdown or emergency – and it might be that we aren’t best disposed in these circumstances to be friendly and helpful. In fact, we may just be annoyed at the inconvenience of the situation.

    But, let’s face it, we all need to call for assistance at some point in time. And, more importantly, that plumber, electrician or decorator is there to help you, not to get in your way! It may be a surprise to learn, though, that more than a third of Brits won’t even let a tradesperson use the toilet when visiting their property.

    According to a survey by the home-improvement website Plentific, 34% of people would send a worker elsewhere if they were caught short. And while this may seem like harsh treatment (and even ironic if the trader in question is a plumber!), then even more astonishing is that nearly a third wouldn’t even offer a tradesperson a drink. And property maintenance tends to be thirsty work!

    Of the two-thirds that did boil the kettle for workers, one in 10 would serve the beverage in an old mug kept especially for the purpose, rather than trusting visitors with their everyday crockery.

    Now, it’s understandable that letting strangers into your home can be worrying – and it’s perhaps no big shocker that many of us prefer to be present when tradespeople visit. In fact, a quarter of people stated that they would not leave workers in their home alone – a choice which has to be down to personal preference and trust.

    The most important thing is to choose your maintenance workers carefully – to make sure that they are accredited with professional bodies (where relevant) and that they have good reviews. The Plentific survey also found that 77% of people fail to check visitors’ qualifications, which you are perfectly entitled (and advised) to do. Ask your traders to prove that they are who they say they are by showing you certificates or membership cards.

    Additionally, these days, you can easily check online whether or not someone has good reviews – but why not try the old-fashioned way, too? Ask friends and neighbours for recommendations in order to find someone local who you can trust.

    Once you’ve made arrangements for someone to visit, then it will serve you well to remember that a little kindness goes a long way. As Stephen Jury of Plentific also points out, ‘Many people find that if they are friendly to tradesman, they will have a very good working relationship with them’. In other words, if you’re kind, then you’ll likely receive a better service.

    A little more promisingly, the survey found that 93% of people would try to make small talk with visiting traders, showing that traditional British politeness hasn’t become totally old hat!

    Of course, there are times when you can’t be at home for a maintenance visit, and if you trust your tradespeople to visit when you aren’t around, then you can also expect them to be courteous in return – not to go rooting around in your cupboards for tea and biscuits or to chill out on the sofa watching TV during their lunch break, for example.

    Luckily, at Julie Twist Properties, we have our own in-house team to handle maintenance tasks for you. Our staff members are fully vetted and trained, so you can be sure that they will maintain professional standards (and won’t pinch your choccie biccies out of the cupboards!).

    Do you need some work doing at your property? Get in touch with us now for a fast and free, no-obligation maintenance quote.



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