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    Winter Nights, Warm Lights: Tips for Creating a Cosy Balcony

    Balconies are great spaces and a real bonus if you love venturing outdoors, but they can often feel cold and unused in winter. 


    With the festive season around the corner, it’s a brilliant time to brighten up your balcony with fairy lights and festive plants, to add visual interest outside. For a practical upgrade to your flat, why not stylise your balcony into a more enticing, homely destination with decorative candles, a scattering of cosy cushions or velvety blankets to offer that warm welcome. 


    This article offers inspiring tips to make the most of your balcony so it becomes more inviting as the temperature drops.

    Enhancing Balcony Lighting

    Lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your balcony, adding ambiance and a touch of style

    Creating a Welcoming Glow 

    Consider using unique lights that are best suited for balconies, to create a welcoming glow that makes your outdoor space more inviting after dark.Stringing fairy lights or festive lights along the balcony railing or overhead through hooks or plants can add an elegant sparkle.

     If you choose lights with white, warm yellow and soft hues, they will emit a cosier vibe. Wrapping lights around potted plants, the poles of a small pergola or draped above luxurious outdoor furniture can look great.

    Adding Candlelight Ambiance

    For a relaxed flair, dot candle lanterns or chic candles around the balcony. If you place lanterns on side tables or hang them from walls or ceilings, they’ll look magical at night. The flicker of real or fake candle flames is incredibly peaceful.


     If you’re daring, why not install pathway lighting along the floor of your balcony or spotlights above to illuminate specific plants, architectural features or seating areas for real drama. If you opt for solar-powered, you’ll avoid wiring hassles and uplighting under plants can look striking.

    Weather-Proof Furnishings

    The right mix of furnishings can transform a chilly balcony into a welcoming refuge. Carefully selected pieces not only provide beauty but also offer protection from the elements and much-needed warmth. If you’re unsure about how to choose the best furniture for rental, research how other flat balconies have been designed or seek bespoke furnishing advice

    Adding Comfort and Warmth

    If you want to install a unique, custom designed, outdoor awning or windbreak or invest in some comfortable outdoor pieces, you’ll want to be sure it will all fit the unique dimensions of your outdoor space. If you consider where the sun is, or the bracing wind hits hard, well-positioned furniture is a great way to define the area while providing shelter from wind, rain or snow. 


    Opt for materials like powder-coated aluminium that can withstand weather fluctuations. To add extra warmth, consider working in some reclaimed terracotta tiles for an extra layer of insulation or invest in a weather-resistant rug to add softness underfoot. Look for durable, indoor/outdoor polypropylene or jute rugs in rich, cosy colours like crimson red, chocolate brown, or mustard yellow. Remember to bring them in if it’s stormy or pelting it down outside!


    Sprinkling some glamorous yet practical outdoor cushions in deep hues will add instant comfort while providing a quick style update. Look for cushions made with fade- and water-resistant fabrics like acrylic or polyester. For an additional sense of warmth (and practicality), it’s better to pick rich tones like forest green, navy blue, or eggplant purple that look fantastic against neutral furniture. You’ll want to bring them indoors during wet weather and can store or cover them in waterproof bags. 

    Small Touches for Big Impact

    There are some small touches that can have a big impact outside, including:


    • Keeping a basket or shabby-chic chest full of blankets and woolly throws to wrap up on chillier days and nights. 
    • Adding a stone fire pit, copper chiminea or stainless steel electric patio heater for warm style. 
    • Seating arranged in a semicircle is a smart way of encouraging people to move in close for some extra warmth.

    Greenery to Create Appeal

    Outdoor plants can rejuvenate a balcony even during the winter months and by incorporating potted plants alongside natural textures creates permanent visual appeal that withstands the incremental weather. You’ll need to pick the hardest of greenery, such as perennial evergreen plants that maintain their foliage to keep pots lush all year long; rosemary, lavender and ornamental grasses can all withstand the UK’s challenging winter weather. Any less hardy plants may require additional shelter, an insulated pot and fleece protection from frost damage.

    You might prefer to make a bohemian style statement by suspending woven rope hammock chairs or funky macramé swings from ceilings for laidback seating and a hipster vibe. Hang them near plants to complement the earthy vibe and look for all-weather wicker or rattan furnishings. Alternatively, seagrass and water hyacinth also adds that organic appeal you’re after.

    Incorporating Visual Interest

    Hanging wall tapestries or painted ceramic tiles can add some further stylish flair. Likewise, you can display objects like driftwood, shells, anchors or fishing nets for a perfect seaside look. In fact, any eye-catching accessories can transform your city, seaside or countryside balcony into a lovely area for maximum year-round appeal.

    Final Flourishes for Stylish Impact

    By including some final flourishes, you can quite quickly create a balcony and upgrade your space on a budget with impressive results. Introduce soothing sounds by hanging wind chimes that tinkle in the wind; those made  from bamboo or seashells enhance a more natural vibe.


    Strategically placed mirrors, that reflect views, can give the illusion of making your balcony space that much larger. Meanwhile, secured, framed leaning mirrors add dimension against walls, and circular mirror trays on tables double the visual flair. Outdoor-safe artwork, like metal or framed canvas prints, can be showcased as an artistic focal point, or wood and metal sculptures for greater visual interest.


    If you have a balcony on your property, it’s a bonus to be able to use it all year if you want to. By transforming it into a warm, inviting and cosy space, you’re more likely to enjoy a spell of fresh air in the winter too. What’s not to love about an attractive whatever month it is?. From stringing lights and adding weatherproof cushions to fitting a fire pit or adding some warmer furnishings, there are many stylish ways to add physical warmth to your balcony. Likewise, with some ambient lights and the right mix of practical and decorative touches, your lovely balcony can become a comfortable area to relax and enjoy all year.




    Written By Annie Button

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