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    The Twelve DIYs of Christmas

    The Twelve DIYs of Christmas

    No, you don’t need to adjust your spectacles: this article is about the twelve DIYs of Christmas! That is, twelve important jobs to do around the home before the holiday season arrives.

    We all know that December is a busy time filled with present buying, decoration hanging and general preparations for the big day, but it’s also important not to neglect your property. December signals the real onset of winter, and as it gets colder, your home needs some TLC, too! That’s why we’ve put together a list of twelve manageable DIY tasks for you to carry out this Advent. That’s three jobs a week, so get planning!

    1. Paint the front door

    This is a quick and easy job that will create a great first impression for those Christmas guests! Before hanging your Christmas wreath, give the door a lick of paint for some added festive cheer. It will help keep your door protected from the winter elements, as well.

    1. Have the roof inspected

    As the weather gets wetter, it’s all too common for leaks to spring up in roofs – particularly when it comes to older houses. It can really pay dividends for you to have your roof checked at this time of year for gaps and cracks as it’s much cheaper to fix any problems before they penetrate through to the inside of the property.

    1. Clear the gutters

    Another key source of damp is blocked gutters. This is a job that some choose to carry out themselves, with the right ladders and safety equipment, of course. If you’re not a DIY fan, however, then many window cleaners also offer this service for an extra fee.

    1. Get the chimney sweep round

    Lovely open fires and log burners herald cosy winter nights, but it’s important to have your chimney swept annually to keep them efficient and safe. Don’t try this one yourself, though – it’s a job for the professionals!

    1. Tidy up the garden for winter

    At this time of year, the garden is less about planting colourful flowers and more about maintenance. Chop back foliage, trim lawns and clear paths of debris so that the garden can flourish when spring comes round.

    1. Do a drain check

    While you’re outside, have a check on your drains. Are they all flowing freely and clear of dirt build-up? If not, it’s worth giving them a clear out to prevent drain overflow problems. Still having trouble after a DIY attempt? Then think about getting a professional drain cleaning quote before the really cold weather sets in.

    1. Do a deep clean

    Turning our attention to the inside of the property, it’s sensible to give your house a proper clean up before the decorations go up. Don’t forget all the nooks and crannies where dust and cobwebs build up – your home will be much fresher and more inviting for a good scrub down!

    1. Seal gaps around windows and doors

    If your home suddenly seems unbearably cold, it could be that the seals around your doors and windows need replacing. This can often be done cheaply and easily with insulating tape – it’s a quick job that can save you money in heating bills by helping to keep heat indoors.

    1. Clean your grouting

    Make your bathroom sparkle by giving tile grouting a good scrub. Not only will this make the room seem much cleaner; it will also help to prevent mould taking hold. Once mould gets into the grout, it often needs to be replaced, so giving it a good clean could save you time and money!

    1. Tidy away the clutter

    Once that all-important Christmas tree comes in, your home always suddenly seems much smaller. It’s important, then, to de-clutter before decorating day so that you still have room for the family to come over with their Christmas wishes (and presents!!).

    1. Have the boiler serviced

    No one wants to face Christmas in the cold, so it’s a good idea to get a boiler service on your ‘To Do’ list during December. Giving the system a once over will ensure that it’s safe and should also improve its efficiency over the winter months.

    1. Replace soft furnishings

    Finally, to spruce up your home without spending megabucks, invest in some cheap and cheerful cushions, throws and candles to add warmth and comfort this winter. It’s an easy way to make you smile when you come home and switch on the Christmas lights after a long day.

    Do you need some help with your Twelve DIYs of Christmas? Luckily, our maintenance team is just a phone call away, no matter what the season. Contact us now to arrange a pre-Christmas quotation.




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