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    Tips for Selling Your Apartment Faster

    Selling a house can be a stressful and lengthy process, but if you’re prepared, you can make it less so. 

    In the ever-shifting UK property market, many wait for stabilisation before selling, while others see opportunities. Whichever camp you belong to you can make some adjustments to ensure this process is seamless and not disrupted. 

    Enhancing your home’s appeal can range from straightforward tasks, such as updating old appliances, all the way to more significant undertakings like implementing large-scale energy-efficient upgrades. Being proactive not only enhances the immediate appeal of your home but provides long-term benefits for future maintenance needs and therefore potentially increasing the property’s overall value.

    The following tips will ensure a more streamlined sales process, aiming to reduce the time your property is on the market and maximise your final property price.

    Assess the Current Property Market

    Before listing your home, research asking prices and demand in your local area. Review recently sold prices on property portals and local estate agent sites to gauge an appropriate asking price. 


    Remember the adage of supply and demand – if there are many similar properties for sale nearby, you may need to be more competitive on price or offer other incentives such as furnishings and appliances. Being realistic and informed about the current market conditions will set you up for a quicker and less stressful sale.

    Prepare Detailed Particulars

    If you opt to test the market independently, it’s vital to attract maximum interest in your property. This will involve offering detailed descriptions and photographs that showcase your property’s layout, features, and dimensions.

    Photography plays a pivotal role in property marketing. However, achieving professional-grade photographs doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. Upgrading or investing in a high-quality used camera, or video-capturing device can produce exceptional results, in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner.

    It’s crucial to remember that potential buyers require comprehensive information to decide if your home suits their needs. Include specifics like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, parking arrangements and local amenities.

    Highlight imminent or recently-completed home improvements or renovations, as this will intrigue buyers who don’t want to fork out additional funds for renovations of their own, but will be happy to pay a higher asking price, as an example. Emphasising unique selling points (USPs) like off-street parking, rural views, amenities, or a modern kitchen will make buyers take notice.

    The Benefit of an Estate Agent

    Professional support is still essential when selling a property. Don’t be afraid to consult with estate agents with strong local knowledge, marketing capabilities and availability. When you decide to approach an agent, ahead of time, whether consulting a traditional high-street estate agency or an online agent, confirm their proposed marketing strategy and timescales for an expected sale and completion.

    Here at Julie Twist we will give your property listing the valuable exposure it deserves. We know selling hinges on creating and capitalising on opportunities, and can confidently guide you through the intricacies involved with selling apartments. 

    Even before booking a valuation, there may be important paperwork to secure, such as an EWS1 (External Wall System) certificate, offering assurances on fire safety regulations. Once we know you have everything you need to move forward we can then discuss marketing for you and next best steps.

    The Value of a Solicitor

    A reliable solicitor is also crucial to help progress the conveyancing process and associated legalities smoothly, which is, incidentally, usually the most time-consuming element of any property transaction. Seek a local solicitor experienced in proactive home sale. They can assist with:


    • AML (Anti money laundering) documentation – proof that funds involved are from a legitimate source and that the owner of the property is who they say they are.
    • Applying for deeds – these are proof of property ownership, and detail the chain of ownership for the lifespan of a property.
    • Management Packs – relating to any fees payable to a landlord or management company together with future maintenance cost considerations.
    • Completion of property information forms (TA6, TA7 & TA10) – these provide the buyer with important information regarding the status of the property, boundaries, fittings and contents etc.


    Getting as much paperwork done as possible ahead of time, will pay dividends in the process.

    Showcase Your Property Online

    In today’s digital age, online marketing is indispensable for property transactions. Your estate agent should list your property across major property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla to gain maximum visibility, but ultimately much of their outreach will involve talking with existing clients on their books who are actively seeking a new purchase.

    Complement this by sharing the listing and any photographs you’ve taken on your own social media accounts, neighbourhood groups and anywhere else your target audience will see it.  However, all potential – valid – enquiries should be directed to your appointed estate agent.

    Video tours, which are engaging, offer prospective buyers an easy first look into your home. Capture your home’s standout features and vibrant personality to entice viewers.

    Arrange Accessible Viewings

    Nothing compares to seeing a property in person. Your estate agent should coordinate viewings at times suitable for working professionals, such as early mornings, evenings and weekends, although if you work from home this can be more flexible. Be sure to consider all serious viewers and give them the opportunity to arrange in-person visits.


    For safety, accompany viewers yourself or have your estate agent present. Ensure your home is tidy, clean and ‘de-personalised’ so buyers can imagine themselves living there. If necessary, make sure no pets are present during visits.

    Consider Preparing Your Home for Sale

    Some minor renovations, painting and decorating can maximise your home’s appeal and sale price. Declutter and de-personalise rooms, storing away excess furniture so spaces appear larger and more open-plan. Applying a fresh coat of neutral paint and new flooring in a dated kitchen or bathroom can also boost buyer interest.

    While major renovations might benefit your sale, be careful to consider what is best to undertake. Focus on smaller touches that modernise and show off appealing features at a reasonable cost to start with.

    Be Flexible on Price

    Your agent should advise an optimal initial asking price based on location, demand and property values. However, be open to negotiation if buyer interest is underwhelming and you want to broaden your opportunities. Offering a lower price, or sweeteners like including appliances or furnishings, gives you an edge

    In slow markets, pricing keenly from the outset will attract more viewers and potential bids. Remember that you can always accept a higher offer, but overpricing will deter buyers.

    Prepare for Delays

    Even with robust preparation, house sales can encounter unpredictable setbacks which can largely be instigated by the wider market or disruption in the conveyancing process. 

    For example, some buyers may have difficulty securing mortgages, while others may see their own property sale collapse. This can have a profound knock-on effect on other purchases and sales along the chain. It’s important to be patient and understand that delays are often out of the seller’s control. Your agent and solicitor will be as transparent as possible with you about expected timescales for completion.

    Keeping your home in good order during the sales process will prevent buyers from being deterred if the exchange takes longer than anticipated. Stay in regular contact with your agent and solicitor to keep things progressing smoothly.

    Research Other Services

    The sales process isn’t just about finding the right buyer – you may need to handle other practicalities too. You’ll need to consult home removal firms in advance for when you need to vacate the property and move into your new home. 

    You’ll also need to get quotes from reputable home cleaners who can get your property looking pristine for handover. Having a network of trusted contractors you can rely on for these necessary tasks, ahead of your sale, will minimise disruption and stress.

    With preparation and realistic expectations set from the start, selling your home can be straightforward, fast and efficient. Focus your efforts on showcasing your property’s strongest features to find a buyer who will appreciate them. With the right support behind you, your property sale can be a welcome challenge, rather than a cumbersome one.

    Written By Annie Button

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