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The Benefits of Waterside Living

A recent study by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health has found that people living within a kilometre of the sea consider themselves healthier than those who live inland.

Many of us have a dream of living in a home with an idyllic water view, enjoying the relaxing qualities associated with such a location.

And that dream can become a reality in Manchester, where our network of canals and rivers provides the perfect backdrop for the plethora of waterside developments that have popped up over the last few years.

Research indicates that living by water reduces stress levels and also offers more opportunities for exercise.

It has also been suggested that once a person moves to a waterside location, they become reluctant to leave, indicating that the popularity of water-facing properties is likely to continue to grow – something for developers to keep in mind.

OK, so Manchester can’t actually provide you with the seaside (Stone Roses front man, Ian Brown, once commented that Manchester has “everything except a beach”), but waterside living has to be the next best thing – one only has to look at the popularity of Castlefield Locks and Salford Quays as living areas in recent times to see that people see such locations as desirable.

At present, you can actually go to the beach in Manchester – ITV has organised a pop-up version at the old Granada Studios for the summer. But for those times when only a real beach will do, Crosby, Formby and Southport are only an hour’s drive away.

Looking for a waterside apartment in Manchester? Contact Julie Twist Properties now to see what we have available for sale and to let.


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