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    Sell Your Property Fast in Autumn

    Sell Your Property Fast in Autumn

    September is upon us, the kids are back at school…and, dare we say it, Christmas is fast approaching! But, did you know that this is a popular time of year to move house? Many people shelve property selling over the summer as they are busy with holidays, festivals and childcare. The autumn is a time when people get back into ‘work’ mode and start putting both their offices and private lives in order. So, what better time to put your property on the market?

    Below are some tips about how to get your property ship-shape for selling, helping you to see it fly off the market in time for a relaxing Christmas in your new place.

    • It may seem obvious, but spruce up your home with a good tidy up! Summer is a time when we get bogged down with lots of equipment – garden toys, bikes, picnic baskets…these can all end up littering our kitchens and hallways. It’s time to store them away to create more space, allowing potential buyers to move round easily and imagine their own things in the property.
    • Give it some elbow grease! Once you’ve cleared the clutter, everything will need a good scrub to make it sparkle. Particularly with the amazing summer we have had this year, a lot of time will have been spent outside, and indoors may have been neglected. Don’t have time? Cough up for a professional cleaner to make the place spotless in no time.
    • Invest in soft furnishings. Of course, no one wants to spend a lot on things for their current place when they are moving, but a couple of new cushions for the beds and chairs, a cosy new throw for the tired sofa and a few low-cost vases in pretty autumnal colours will give your property a fresh, inviting feel with little time and effort.
    • If you have a garden or balcony, don’t neglect it! At this time of year as we move indoors, weeds can start to take over and plants can become overgrown. This really won’t give a good first impression – it is still light and warm enough to get out there are have a good tidy up, helping buyers to imagine themselves enjoying the space next summer.
    • Clean those carpets! When did you last give the floors any special attention? There could be years’ worth of dirt hiding down there, which can create smells and also look unattractive. A professional carpet cleaner can work wonders, restoring tired floor coverings to nearly new – and improving both the look and aroma of the property to boot!
    • Try to arrange daytime viewings. Once you’re ready and have placed your property on the market, it’s important to ensure that possible purchasers see it at its best. With the nights drawing in, small spaces can look dim and dismal, and it can be harder for visitors to see the property’s potential. Natural daylight can make such a difference, so fling back the curtains and let the autumn sunshine it. While you’re at it, don’t forget to give the windows a scrub, too – inside and out!
    • Heat your home. Many of us Brits are part of the ‘put on another jumper’ brigade, but it’s important for your property to be warm and inviting when people are coming over to view. If it’s a chilly day, put the central heating on for an hour before/during viewings to make the place feel cosy. And it’s also a good idea to have your boiler serviced to ensure that everything is running smoothly – the last thing you want is an appliance breakdown just when people might be considering a property purchase!

    All in all, think light, bright, tidy and clean. Following these rules will go a long way to getting you the price you want for your property – and in a time frame that suits you. So, what are you waiting for? The autumn property market is ready for you!

    Julie Twist Properties is open 7 days a week and offers both daytime and evening appointments to suit you. Why not contact us to arrange a no-obligation property valuation?




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