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    Rental Property Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

    Most people like to make the best of their home. Indeed, property maintenance and interior décor are multi-million-pound industries.

    But are investors as savvy when it comes to rental properties?

    Although it is without doubt that some landlords want to showcase the best fixtures and fitting at their properties, others have a reputation for making do and mending when it comes to the maintenance side of things.

    The Home Improvement Report 2015, commissioned by Barclays, is a survey of 2,000 British people that has sought to shed light on major turn-ons and turn-offs when it comes to property.

    See below what a survey found people see as a  Rental Property Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

    The most desirable addition to a home was found to be a designer kitchen. At the opposite end of the spectrum, an avocado bathroom suite was deemed the biggest no-no.

    An en-suite to the master bedroom, a swimming pool and a games room were also high on the list of wants.

    Other dislikes included artex ceilings, woodchip wallpaper, stone cladding, pebbledash, carpeted bathrooms and lino flooring.

    The survey also looked at the preferred colours for exterior walls. Strong colours such as lime green, orange, red, yellow and purple were considered out of fashion, suggesting that neutral colours are preferred by potential tenants and buyers.

    When it came to people’s future plans for renovations at their own properties, many were considering repainting interior walls (45%), replacing carpets (25%) or installing a new kitchen (19%) – again underlining the importance of the kitchen area to the value of a property.

    At Julie Twist Properties, we believe that landlords should strive for a happy medium: an up-to-date, well-looked-after place will always attract more attention (and, more importantly, a higher rent) than somewhere that has had little thought and effort put into it. At the same time, choosing highly pricey fittings for a rental property can prove costly if the items get damaged, so it’s worth looking at middle-of-the-range goods so that you can strike a balance between style and cost.

     Julie Twist Properties can provide furniture packs for properties, taking the stress out of furnishing your new place or upgrading your existing items. Get in touch for more information.




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