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    Property Building Boom in Manchester

    Next time you’re in Manchester, look up. What do you see? Row upon row of apartment blocks, situated all over the city centre and beyond.

    And what do you see where there are no apartment blocks? Building work to create new apartments, of course!

    As reported in the Manchester Evening News, the city centre is set to become home to at least 32 new developments over the next few years – amounting to 10,000 more apartments. Dotted around and about the central area, they are a mixture of conversions and new builds – something to suit every taste!

    It is a veritable property boom, and it is great news for the city. Following the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession, property building grew to a halt in Manchester, leading to a serious shortage of accommodation for the thousands of people who flock to the city to work and study every year. Now, there is an ever-increasing amount of choice for residents new and old.

    Even more excitingly, there are plans afoot to create new neighbourhoods around a number of the proposed property developments, incorporating hotels, shops and leisure facilities.

    These new apartment buildings are brilliant news for the people of Manchester – and those who are yet to become Mancunians! This huge amount of investment in the property industry shows an enormous confidence in the city’s economy, making it worthy of its key position within the Northern Powerhouse.

    At Julie Twist Properties, we have seen increasing demand in both the rentals and sales markets since economic recovery began – and this trend shows no sign of stopping. It’s an amazing change since we opened our doors in 1994, when city-centre living was practically unheard of in Manchester!

    We have been part of Manchester’s transformation into a residential property hotspot every step of the way – and we are continuing to spearhead its further expansion with our continued commitment to new developments.

    Are you looking to invest in Manchester or do you simply need a place to live? We can handle all your residential property needs under one roof. Visit our property pages for more information.

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