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    Make Your House a Home to Sell

    It is said that it takes people 20 seconds to decide whether or not they like a house – a daunting statistic! So, what can you do to make sure that your home attracts potential buyers in those precious few seconds?

    Maximise small spaces: hang a mirror on the hallway wall to create the illusion of a larger space, or add some extra lighting to brighten up cramped areas.

    Re-paint – inside and out: most people think to repaint the interior of a property prior to selling, but have you ever considered how much renovating the exterior could make a difference? The outside gives the first impression and can be make or break when it comes to a potential sale.

    Refurbish the front door: like the outside walls, the front door is one of the first things visitors will see. Replacing the door, repainting it or even just giving it a good clean can make a budget-friendly and speedy difference to your home’s appearance.

    Know your target market: it’s useful to know what kinds of people buy properties like yours. Is your home more likely to appeal to first-time buyers, young families or retired people, for instance? Having this sort of insight might help you to decide whether to present certain rooms as dining spaces, games rooms or offices, for example.

    In the bedrooms, it’s all about space: there’s no need to worry too much about spending money on new bedroom furniture and ornaments. What people really want to see is a crisp, clean bedroom so that they can tell just how well a bed fits in there! That way, they can determine what space they have to play with.

    Think multi-purpose: one of the keywords in property sales is ‘declutter’! With this in mind, try replacing bulky furniture with effective storage solutions. So, instead of having a large bench in the hallway, go for an ottoman, which is not only a seat, but also a place to store things out of sight.

    Prioritise parking: for many people, off-street parking is a deal maker or breaker. Do you have a garage full of junk? Clear it out and present it as a parking space. Do you have a driveway that’s usually unused? Make it more obvious by parking your car there. It really will add perceived value – and appeal – to your property.

     Get a second opinion: once your place has been revamped, don’t be too hasty in getting potential buyers straight round. Ask a good friend (or, perhaps even better, your estate agent) to come and have a look first. They will see the things that you don’t see (that chipped vase that’s an eyesore in the hallway; the greasy marks on the kitchen splashback) because you have learned to live with the eccentricities of your house.  Choose someone who will be honest and will help you to make sure your place is ready to go.

    Then, once you’re certain, it’s time to sell, sell, sell!

    Julie Twist Properties has a range of new-build and resale properties on the books. Search our property pages to find out more about our sales procedures and how to arrange a no-obligation valuation.



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