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    Looking to Sell Your Home? Try Setting Up a ‘Man Cave’!

    And the latest must-have on buyers’ lists? The ‘man cave’, of course – a refuge from family life for the man of the household and his mates.

    You may not have heard of the concept before, but it’s become the buzzword on many men’s lips when it comes to property purchasing. Indeed, a recent survey by Reeds Rains suggests that well over half of households (62%) now contain such a space. Moreover, they are considered desirable when it comes to making offers on homes that are for sale.

    What’s in a man cave, we hear you cry? Well, they come in many shapes and sizes, being based in cellars, garages, sheds, lofts and spare rooms. The idea is that it’s somewhere to escape to and enjoy your favourite activities – the room might be geared towards games like pool and darts, it might contain gym equipment or it might be dedicated to music, for instance.

    Some people might think that female buyers would be put off by being greeted by a man cave in the basement or outbuilding. The survey suggests, however, that a number of women like the fact that having one ‘keeps him out of the way’!

    So, what’s the female equivalent to the man cave? Let us introduce you to the idea of the ‘she shed’: a place to do crafts, read a book or just relax and spend time with friends.

    Another bonus of the man cave or she shed is that it is a place that the individual can decorate however he or she wants, without having to compromise with other members of the household.

    This idea of gender separation may sound a bit stereotypical and old-fashioned. Perhaps a better way of looking at this concept is that people of both sexes crave their own personal space – something that is often lost when couples move in together and no longer have their own private bedrooms.

    If you’re looking to sell your home and there’s a seemingly functionless area to fill, you could do worse than turning it into one of the havens described above – a lick of paint and a few savvy charity-shop purchases may be all you need to transform that empty corner or shed into a personal space that oozes cool and, more importantly, desirability.

    Julie Twist Properties has over 20 years experience in selling Manchester property. Call us today to arrange a no-obligation valuation – we’ll even give you personalised tips to help you present your home in its best light!


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