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    Landlords Now Have Until 2022 to Apply for the Green Homes Grant

    Landlords Now Have Until 2022 to Apply for the Green Homes Grant


    At the end of September, the government launched their Green Homes Grant.

    Announced in August, the grant means that owners of residential properties in England can get vouchers worth up to £10,000 to make their homes more energy-efficient.

    However, the grant ended up being so popular that both landlords and homeowners have struggled to find installers to complete the work before 2021. In response to this, the government has now extended the scheme until 31st March 2022.

    So what savings are available exactly and how can you apply for it? We cover all the big questions regarding the grant below…

    Who is eligible for the Green Homes voucher?

    Both homeowners and residential landlords are eligible for the voucher.

    What home improvements will the grant cover?

     The grant is split into ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ categories.

    In order to receive money for secondary category improvements, you must first install at least one of the primary measures. Improvements are categorised as follows:

    Primary Improvements:

    • Insulation:
      • Solid Wall
      • Cavity Wall
      • Under-floor Insulation
      • Loft
      • Flat Roof
      • Room in Roof
      • Park Home Insulation
    • Low Carbon Heat:
      • Air Source Heat Pump
      • Ground Source Heat Pump
      • Solar Thermal
      • Biomass Boilers

    Secondary Measures:

    • Windows and Doors:
      • Draught Proofing
      • Double/Triple Glazing (when replacing single glazing)
      • Secondary Glazing (in addition to single glazing)
      • Energy Efficient Replacement Doors (replacing single glazed or solid doors installed before 2002)
    • Heating Controls and Insulation:
      • Hot Water Tank Thermostats
      • Hot Water Tank Insulation
      • Heating Controls (Such as smart heating)

    Does the grant cover the whole cost of home-improvements?

    No. The voucher covers two-thirds of the cost of energy-efficient improvements with a maximum of £5,000 per property.

    If you are getting a follow-up grant for a secondary measure, this is capped at the price of the grant you received for the primary measure.

    Why should you apply for the scheme?

    As well as the government paying for two-thirds of any cost towards energy efficient improvements, it will cut down future energy bills.

    The government estimates that households could save as much as £600 a year with improvements.

    Who ISN’T eligible for the scheme?


    While the scheme is excellent news for homeowners in England, renters are also interested in the scheme. Despite renters not being able to access the grant, landlords can so be sure to talk to your landlord to see if they will help with improvements to your home.

    New Builds

    Buildings which haven’t previously been lived in yet will not qualify for the scheme.

    Commercial Buildings

    Non-domestic properties will not be qualifying for the scheme.

    In order to ensure that you can take advantage of the Green Homes Grant, it is recommended to apply for the work as soon as possible due to more backlogs which could occur next year. You can apply for the grant here.


    Will you be applying for the scheme? Let us know your thoughts below.

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