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    How to prepare in advance for a house move post-COVID-19?

    In the early days of lockdown, the government recommended that people should not move home, and any house purchases should be delayed wherever possible. However, the regulations have now been changed and the stance softened, to the extent that it now states that anyone who wishes to be move may do so.

    So, if you are planning to sell your property, you are free to do it. And, of course, with many people spending more time at home at the moment, there is a great opportunity to get your home ready for the sale. Here we take a look at the things that you can do to prepare for a post-COVID-19 house sale.

    DIY projects

    Now is the time to get cracking on with any DIY projects that you have got around the house. The COVID-19 crisis has given many people a lot more time at home, and fewer things to keep us occupied, so it is a great idea to focus on what you can achieve in terms of decoration, maintenance, and home improvement. This not only helps you to fix up any issues that you are having with your home, but it can also do a lot to increase its value in the housing market. Many buyers prefer a property that has had all of the little details already dealt with so that they can immediately move in and live as normal without any challenges.

    Research the market

    When many people put their houses on the market, they do so without any great level of planning or thought – they simply need to sell the property in order to move to one that is more suited to them. But doing so is missing an opportunity. Ultimately, the housing market is like any other, and the property you wish to sell will have a target market. A two-bedroom third-floor flat has a very different target audience to a four-bedroom house in the country. Think about the kind of buyer that you expect for your home, and what those buyers are going to be looking for.

    Do plenty of mortgage research

    Another issue can arise in that you will likely be buying another property. Typically you might rely on a mortgage broker to do the work in finding the right mortgage package for you, however, with more free time, you actually have the chance to speak to a number of different financial advisers – at Julie Twist, we have a highly experienced independent mortgage adviser who can provide you with information.  Mortgage brokers and financial advisers can provide a much broader range of information than if you were to do the research yourself.

    Fitness for Human Habitation Bill
    Imperial Point Salford Quays

    Have the property surveyed

    It is worth doing everything that can be achieved while maintaining social distancing and government restrictions. For example, if you are interested in having your building investigated for any underlying issues before you sell, now could be the ideal time. A large number of surveyors are free again to carry out the work at the present time and can do so within social distancing measures.  “We have directed all staff to work from home where possible,” says Hutton + Rostron, specialists in building investigations “our surveyors are only attending projects where they feel comfortable and are able to social distance by the necessary two metres, and they are all provided with Covid-19 compliant PPE as a precaution”

    Sort out the garden

    It is a great idea to take the time to deal with your garden. The outside areas of your home make a big difference to your ability to sell it for the price you are looking for. Use your time at home to really get to work on those projects that you have been putting off to get your garden in great shape. Also, remember that spending additional time in the home has meant that many are now interested in making greater use of balconies and terraces – so you should make an effort to improve yours if you have one.  Additionally, if you are selling a flat and there is any communal work planned at your property, it is worth talking with your managing agent to see if this can be completed as soon as possible.

    Thoroughly clean the property

    Finally, remember that one of the major issues playing on the minds of potential house buyers is that of cleanliness. The Covid-19 crisis has made many of us far more conscious of cleaning and keeping the house free from bacteria and viruses. That is why it is so important that you should make sure your home is as clean as possible.
    Have a thorough cleanup throughout the whole of your home to make prospective buyers feel that they are purchasing somewhere that they could comfortably live.

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