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Need Help with your property?

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    Tenant Fee Schedule Before June 2019


    (£270 inc VAT) to indicate your commitment is required to take the property off the market and for us to proceed with the references. The payment is non-refundable should your application be unsuccessful or withdrawn. ALL persons aged eighteen or over will need to complete the reservation form and will be named in the tenancy

    We use an external company to carry out our references UK Tenant Data; they will need you to be able to provide an employer’s reference and a previous landlord reference also a credit check will be taken out on each person

    £16+VAT (£19.20 inc VAT) this will be payable directly to Ifaqs LTD when you receive your online application form.

    From the 1st February 2016, all residents before being granted a tenancy must demonstrate that you are eligible to rent a property within the United Kingdom under the Right to Rent act 2014.

    The immigration Act 2014 applies to everyone wishing to rent a property with the United Kingdom, whether you are a British National, from a member state of the European Union or from anywhere else in the world. The validation of your immigration status is required by law and is valid for anyone who will be living at the property including children who are over the age of 18 years old.

    If you need to move in to a property quickly then you can choose to pay an extra charge.

    Please note – Express move ins will be subject to references and availability[

    we can move you in to a property within:

    24 hours £195 + VAT (£234 inc VAT)

    3 days £125+VAT (£150 inc VAT)

    5 days £50+VAT (£60 inc VAT)

    An Inventory of the properties contents, furniture, fittings and effects will have been prepared.There will be at a charge of £120+ VAT (£144) to cover this. It is important that you take care in agreeing the Inventory at this stage as it will form the basis of any claim for damages, by your landlord, at the end of the tenancy. At the end of tenancy the Inventory will be checked again. In your own interests we recommend that you are present at both the check-in and check-out.

     If you wish to extend your tenancy agreement after the fixed term has ended then a fee of £100+VAT (£120 inc VAT) per property will be payable.

    Before your tenancy commences you will be required to pay a deposit which will the equivalent of five weeks rent. This deposit is held by us as stakeholders or passed to your landlord.

    The deposit is held against any damages or expenses arising during your tenancy and will not be released until after you vacate the property, all rent has been paid up to date and we have written confirmation of any costs for damages from both parties. No interest on the deposit is payable to either party.

    Late payments £15 +VAT  (£18 inc vat)

    Per telephone call £10+VAT  (£12 inc vat)

    Per letter or email £15 +VAT  (£18 inc vat)

    Per personal visit £20+vat  (£24 inc vat)

    If you are having problems with paying your rent then please contact your landlord or property manager as soon as possible.

    Failed References

    If you fail your reference checks and we require further information e.g. guarantor then this will incur a £25 per person cost to submit more information

    Property Inspections

    Managed Properties will be subject to quarterly inspections this is to check the condition that the property is being kept in its cleanliness, maintenance and garden (if applicable) and the way in which the tenancy is being conducted generally. We will send a text message out 3 days before the appointment to inform you that we will be coming if you should wish to be present then please let us know and we can arrange an appointment so please keep us up to date with your contact number.


    Should you wish to keep any pets in the property we will need to make sure your landlord is happy with this and the management company allows pets in the building if all parties agree then a clause will be added within your tenancy agreement. (This mainly is for dogs, cats and rabbits)


    The tenant is responsible for insuring their own personal effects and furnishings. A copy of your insurance will be required before you move into the property. We can provide you with a quotation.


    It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay these bills directly to the companies we will require final bills before any deposits can be returned.

    Council Tax

     It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the Council Tax directly to the local authority.


    Will only except the maximum of £500 in cash

    Extra Copies

    Should you lose your tenancy agreement, inventory or deposit registration documentation then there will be a charge of £20 for each replacement copy


    £50 +VAT (£60 inc vat) for the minimum of 2 hours of cleaning for extra hour thereafter £15 +VAT (£18 inc vat)

    Rubbish removal – £5 +VAT (£6 inc vat) per bag

    furniture removal – To be confirmed depending on how many items need to be removed

    Carpet cleans

    £50+VAT (£60 inc vat) per room

    landlord reference

    £25 inc VAT – If you require a landlord reference from us at the end of the tenancy.