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    The Landlord-Tenant Relationship

    Like any good relationship, the one that exists between a landlord and their tenant is basically built on trust.

    Landlord/Tenant Relationship

    From the landlord’s point of view,  they have to trust that their tenant will look after their property as if it was their own and treat it with care and respect. From the tenants’ perspective, they have to believe that the landlord will keep their property well maintained and act swiftly in any case of emergency.

    In our opinion, good tenants:

    • Are quiet; they don’t slam doors or play music at full blast.
    • Have respect for their landlord’s property and their neighbours.
    • Keep a clean and tidy home.
    • Pay their rent on time, every month.
    • Provide their landlord with access to the property when necessary.
    • Have insurance.
    • Report any problems when they occur.
    • Leave the property in a good state.

    Equally, a good landlord:

    • Ensures the property is safe, well maintained and adheres to all necessary legal requirements.
    • Is a clear and consistent communicator
    • Charges a fair rent, in line with the market.
    • Gives plenty of notice of any increased charges.
    • Uses a reputable agent.
    • Keeps their agent informed of changes in circumstance, for example if the landlord is planning on taking a holiday, so that the tenant is never at a loss for where to turn for help.

    Of course, at Julie Twist Properties, we believe that the best tenant/landlord relationships can be achieved by letting us take care of the tenancy. After all, we have everybody’s best interests at heart – plus, we’ve the time and expertise to communicate clearly with both parties and ensure that each is as happy with the arrangement as the other. Contact Usto find out more!