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Top tips for a successful sale

Get your valuation right

The agent should base the valuation on the current market and if you use a local estate agent they should have an abundance of knowledge about the area and a great deal of experience in setting the correct price for your property. It is relatively easy for a vendor to research current selling prices online themselves, but they must be aware that these prices are generally asking prices and not actual sales figures and can be extremely misleading.

Once the agent has valued your property and you all agree on a marketing price, then negotiations will begin. If the agent has correctly valued the property you should generate a substantial amount of interest which could lead to multiple offers being made, and subsequently may even result in you achieving offers in excess of the asking price. On the other hand if you over inflate the price this could be detrimental for your marketing and result in very little interest being shown and it could take longer to sell your property. However,  if you are in no hurry to sell, then this could be an option for you to start with but work with your agent who will advise you if and when a price reduction should be made.


It’s very easy to live with the small jobs that your eye doesn’t always catch but you can be certain that a prospective purchaser will be drawn towards them!  A good agent will be honest and point out any improvements they feel need attention. At Julie Twist Properties we offer an in house maintenance team who can deal with jobs as small as hanging a curtain rail to fitting a kitchen. A bright repaint of your property can make all the difference – add new flooring and you’re starting to look and feel like a brand new property.

Kerb Appeal

First impressions count and as soon as someone walks into a property you need to have the wow factor.  This means not just tidying up but polishing it until it sparkles. Organise everything and remove the clutter. The goal is to make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.

If you are living in an apartment block it isn’t always easy to make sure the communal areas leave the right impression.  If you’re not happy with the communal areas speak to the managing agents after all you pay for a service and they need to know if it isn’t being done to a great standard


Photos and floor plans

We think accompanied viewings are really important, make sure the agent you choose will carry out your viewings for you. The benefits of this is that the agent should be able to offer a viewing where the buyer feels comfortable enough to give completely honest feedback. We generally advise vendors not to be present for viewings if possible, it can sometimes make a buyer feel pressured into giving false feedback and as an agent it’s best to be able to tackle any concerns there and then on the viewing. Another bonus of an agent doing the viewings is that they should already know a bit about the buyer and know which aspects to focus on. The agent should also be able to offer general market advice, renting advice to investors and make them aware of level of interest in the property which will install urgency in the buyer to put an offer forward if they’re interested.

Accompanied Viewings

Make sure the agent you choose will carry out your viewings for you, not only will the prospective purchaser feel more at home with the agent but they are generally more honest with any negative feedback, after all if you know what’s putting people off you can generally do something about it!


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