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Maintenance problems

Who should I contact to report a problem?

When you move into a property, you will be told whether it is ‘managed’ or ‘let only’. With a managed service, we, as the agents, act on behalf of the landlord, so in the event of a problem, you should contact us via the details provided to you at the moving in stage. With a let only property, the landlord manages his/her own tenancy and you will have been given the information required to contact him/her directly via phone or email.

What should I do if there is damp and/or condensation in the property?

There are many causes of damp and condensation. Sometimes there are faults with the fabric of the property, which will need to be fixed at the landlord’s expense. In other cases, damp and condensation may be caused by the actions of the people living in the property. Be mindful: drying washing in rooms with no windows open, failing to heat a property adequately and blocking air vents can all create problems, and the cost of repairs will come to you as the tenant if damage is caused through carelessness.

The most important thing if you notice a problem with damp and/or condensation, however, is to report it so that it can be assessed. These issues almost always worsen over time if the root cause is not addressed, which can lead to repairs taking longer and being more costly. Damp and mould can cause health problems in the long term, so it’s best to have things looked at ASAP.

I have lost my keys – what should I do?

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, but it happens. Your first port of call if you lose your keys is your landlord if the property is let only, or us, as the managing agents, if it is managed.

If you’re in let only accommodation and your landlord is local, you might be lucky enough to be able to borrow a set from him or her. For all managed properties, we hold a set of keys on site, so we can lend you our set (refundable deposit of £50 for keys and £100 for keys + fob required) to allow you to have copies made.

Of course, there can be times when you need keys and our office is shut or your landlord is unavailable to supply them. In such cases, you will be responsible for arranging and paying for a lock change, plus additional sets of keys for us and/or the landlord.

When trying to acquire new fobs, you will normally need to speak to the management company for your development to organise replacements directly. You should receive contact details for the management company when you move in.

What is an emergency call-out?

If something goes drastically wrong and needs to be addressed immediately outside of office hours, you will need to arrange an emergency call-out. Our engineers can be contacted 24 hours a day for situations where there is:

  • No hot water
  • No heating (in cold months)
  • No electricity (check fusebox, building and contact supplier first)
  • No water (check stop tap, building and contact supplier first)
  • Locked out (loss of keys and fobs and keys locked in apartments are tenant responsibility)
  • Break in – contact police first (we can only secure the property)
  • Property flooded/leak-

If from your property: turn off the water ASAP and call the emergency number

If from apartment above: knock on the door and ask them to turn the water off, if no one is home call the management company

It’s worth noting that emergency call-outs are substantially more expensive than standard call-outs, for obvious reasons, and should only be requested in the above circumstances. Furthermore, basic checks should be made before calling the emergency line; boiler reset buttons should be tried, fuse boxes should be checked for tripped switches and neighbours should be asked if their services are OK, in case an energy or water outage is area-wide, rather than being confined to your property. Our engineers are not obliged to attend for any out-of-hours problems that are not classed as emergencies. If our engineers are called to attend your property and the problem is deemed not to be an emergency, you (as opposed to your landlord) will be liable to pay the fees for the call.

If your property is let only, you should always endeavour to contact your landlord before getting in touch with our emergency line. We can only step in at let only properties if the circumstances are deemed to constitute a breach of the terms of the tenancy.

My property is let only and I cannot get in touch with my landlord. What should I do?

If you’re having difficulties with getting hold of your landlord, do give him/her a day or two—your query may be on their list of things to do. If, however, you still cannot get in contact after several attempts, then let us know—we will check the phone numbers and email addresses we have on record to see if any changes have been made and we will also attempt to get in touch with him/her directly for you. In an emergency, we do have the right to step in if a landlord cannot be contacted, so don’t suffer in silence!

I need to read my meters. Where can I obtain readings?

When you move into a property, the paperwork should state where the gas, electricity and water meters are located. If they are not inside your property or in a communally accessible area on site, you will need to ask your management company to provide you with the readings.

NB: not all properties have gas and water meters.



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