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Julie Twist Properties now offer a Professional Financial Planning referral service through a local firm of advisers with over 100 years of experience. By gaining a referral from Julie Twist Properties will you will be assured of a free, no obligation, initial meeting (something many of the high street banks charge many hundreds of pounds for).

Mortgage Protection

A mortgage is normally our greatest financial commitment and allows us to live in the place we call home. Without a mortgage it is unlikely that many of us would be able to own our homes. If for any reason we are unable to pay the mortgage then our homes are at risk and unfortunately thousands of homes are repossessed each year.

It is possible to protect your mortgage against most things:

  • Redundancy
  • Sickness
  • Death
  • Critical Illness

Personal & Family Protection

Many of us have dependents, whether that is children, a spouse, a partner or someone else. How those dependents cope financially without us or our income is something that we invariably worry about:

“Will my family have a decent standard of living?”

“Will my children be able to get the education they deserve, like going to University?”

“Will they be able to live in the family home or will they be forced to move away?”

We can protect our family and ourselves in the event of our Premature Death or should we contract a Critical Illness.

  • Premature Death – Life insurance pays out a tax free lump sum or income if you die or are diagnosed as being Terminally Ill (note this is not the same as a critical illness)
  • Critical Illness – Pays out a tax free lump sum or income if diagnosed with a specific illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke (there are around 50 different conditions on most plans)

The way insurance policies are arranged can have a massive effect on their ability to provide for our dependents. The use of a Trust can avoid any tax being paid and get the money to the right people at the right time.

Income Protection

Our most valuable asset is arguably our income, worth many hundreds of thousands of pounds over our working life, yet we rarely insure it – we are more likely to insure our mobile phone!

If you are unable to work as a result of illness or accident then the policy will pay a tax free income for the term of the plan or until you return to work.

Savings & Investments

Whether you wish to build up a lump sum or you already have one it is important to make sure that your investment:

  • has the potential to meet your goals and aims
  • only exposes you to the risks you are willing to take

Pensions & Retirement Planning

The last thing we want to worry about when we retire is how will we pay for the “longest holiday or our life”?  That “holiday” would normally be around 20 years and we want only £10,000 per year to live on that is a staggering £200,000 that we will spend in retirement. Where will it come from?

Pension Savings – a fabulously tax efficient savings vehicle, full tax relief on you contributions and virtually tax free growth. Nothing else comes close.

Although it is never too late to start, the earlier you begin your pension saving the cheaper and easier it is to build up a substantial amount.

Retirement Benefits – once you reach your chosen retirement age there is a bewildering array of choices as to how you take your income. Since the 2014 Budget those choices have become even wider, but carry an even higher need to take professional advice as making the wrong decision can have implications for your whole retirement

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