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    Would You Buy After One Viewing?

    A new study has shown that Brits view an average of 8 houses before committing to buy a property.

    In fact, only 8% of those surveyed said they would be happy to purchase the first house they viewed.

    Energy provider E.ON found that people felt that the magic number of 8 properties allowed them to judge the market and determine whether they were getting a good deal.

    Most people (around two-thirds) choose to buy a place due to the investment potential and to give them a secure, stable home, according to the survey.

    It also seems that, although statistics suggest that the average first-time buyer is getting older (with most non-homeowners predicting they won’t buy until age 36), most people believe that the ideal time to buy is in your 20s (62% of the 2000 surveyed).

    Interestingly, over half of the homeowners who took part in the study (59%) felt they knew when they had found “the one” without even having to go back for a second viewing. Of these, 3% even said they knew the property was for them before just from seeing photographs.

    But would you be happy to buy a new home after only seeing one property? Some people might consider it a risk, but in the modern day when people do so much of their “window shopping” on the internet, perhaps this might be a growing trend. We might even see a day when the proliferation of online photos, videos and virtual tours means that people will sign on the dotted line without ever setting foot inside the building.

    At Julie Twist Properties, however, we would very much recommend viewing once in person at an absolute minimum. Although the internet has become a fantastic tool for house browsing, nothing can beat the experience of actually stepping through the front door and having “that feeling”. Visiting the property also allows you to gauge the area and the amenities, giving you more of a sense of what living there might really be like.

    At Julie Twist Properties, you can book viewings at a time suitable to you. With viewings 7 days a week and late-night opening until 8pm Monday-Thursday, we can fit around your busy schedule!

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