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    Property Sales and Rentals in Manchester

    It’s been a tough few years for the sales market but at Julie Twist Properties, we’ve started to experience a steady increase in sales in recent months. With prices remaining low and property being plentiful, more people are trying to get on to the housing ladder and, thanks to the buoyancy of the rentals market, investors are seeking to increase their portfolios once more.

    As Manchester City Centre specialists, we’re also at the heart of the rentals market and we’re on course to hit an all-time high for property rentals this year. Nationally, rent prices are at their peak, making letting an attractive proposition for potential landlords. More people are renting than ever before and, consequently, rental properties are at a premium. To put this in real terms, last August, one new property that we marketed generated 900 responses from potential tenants within the first hour!

    At Julie Twist Properties, we have always been ahead of the game, ever since we opened as the first Manchester City Centre estate agency back in 1994. Over the years, the market has been transformed by urban growth and we have been there every step of the way, helping people to find their perfect property to buy or rent in the city.

    Our experience and expertise means that even when times are tough, we can turn negatives into positives. The recent credit downgrade of major UK banks, for example, has led to the fear that borrowing rates, including mortgages, could shoot up and make property purchase even more difficult for consumers. What we’re focusing on, however, is the benefit that the property market has had from low interest rates keeping down the cost of mortgage repayments and the Government’s drive to encourage banks to maintain these low rates to aid the market’s recovery.

    Indeed, we may be back in recession but things can only get better – after all, there has never been such a thing as a triple-dip recession. Ultimately, people still need to spend in order to live – and with that in mind, what is more important than the place where you live? People will always need to move around, whether for work, family or personal reasons, ensuring that neither the rentals nor the sales markets will ever seize up altogether. We’re looking forward to the bright future of Manchester, our capital of the North.

    If you’re interested in selling or letting your property, we’re here to help. To arrange a no-obligation valuation for a sale, rental or both, please do not hesitate to Contact our team of experts.

    Want to find out more about services in Manchester and the local area? We work in partnership with local companies to help you find the services you need: Useful Links

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