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    Pets and Rental Property


    So, you want to rent a house or an apartment. Perhaps you’re moving out of Mum and Dad’s place for the first time or you have recently graduated and are looking for your next home. Maybe you’re leaving a house-share or you’re moving into a new area for work. There’s just one small problem: you have a pet.

    At Julie Twist Properties, we receive a lot of queries from people looking for rental properties that accept pets – from your average cat or dog to more-exotic reptiles and amphibians. Below we have put together some tips about what to expect when looking to move with an animal in tow.

    Most rental properties in Manchester do not accept pets. This may seem like a piece of sad news to you animal lovers out there, but there are good reasons why a “no pets” policy is written into most rental contracts. Animals bring with them a variety of potential problems, such as damage to fixtures and fittings, unwanted smells and noises, and the risk of allergy problems for future occupants (no matter how much you clean that carpet, some dog hair is likely to remain!).

    At Julie Twist Properties, our rental contract contains a standard “no pets” clause, and any tenant found to be breaking the rules will be considered to be in breach of the tenancy agreement.

    There are some exceptions.

    Some landlords may be happy to for you to have a pet. If you are interested in a particular property and you want to know if your furry friend will be allowed to join you, ask your agent to contact the landlord on your behalf. Occasionally, a clause can be written into the rental contract to say that a certain type of pet is allowed, once the agreement of the property’s owner has been gained. Sometimes, extra assurances, like a larger deposit to protect against damage, might be requested. However…

    It is almost certain that you will not be able to house a pet in your dream swanky apartment. Virtually no management companies allow pets in their buildings due to the associated risks, such as damage to the building – not to mention the fact that the high-rise blocks in which most apartments are based are simply not suitable for the many types of animal that need access to outside spaces.

    Think you’re being hard done by because you’re a tenant?

    Actually, this rule applies to owner-occupiers, too – so even if you want to buy an apartment, the chances are that your beloved bunny or cheeky chinchilla wouldn’t be welcome. In other words, when it comes to the rules laid down by management companies, pleading with your lettings agent or landlord will make no difference to the outcome. If you’re looking to bring a pet along, then a freehold house, where the property and land are owned by the landlord (and who therefore sets the rules), will probably be your best bet.

    Some tenants assume that pets that live in contained environments, such as fish, are completely acceptable, and that permission does not need to be sought to keep such creatures. Wrong! Just imagine if your fish tank cracks and the carpet is ruined as a result, or if your pet snake escapes from its vivarium and causes damage to the furniture? Pets bring unpredictability with them and keeping them without permission will constitute a breach of your tenancy. With this in mind, you should ALWAYS ask before moving living beings into the property – otherwise you could face warnings, repair costs and even eviction.

    The bottom line is, if you have a pet, it might be best to arrange alternative living arrangements for the animal for the duration of your tenancy. If you and your cherished creature come as an inseparable pair, however, don’t despair completely – but be aware that your choices will be much more limited, particularly in a place like Manchester city centre, where the vast majority of rental accommodation comes in the form of apartments.

    Are you looking to move into Manchester? Why not browse our selection of rental properties to get an idea of what’s on offer?

    3 thoughts on “Pets and Rental Property”

    1. Yuan jiang says:


      I have pets and would like to find an apartment or flat in Manchester city centre. I will rent for approximately 6 months.
      If you have any properties available please contact me!


      Best wishes,

    2. Rhiannon Victoria Breare says:


      I’m getting an assistance dog and I’m having trouble finding pet friendly properties.
      Please help!
      Rhys Breare

      1. Stacie says:

        Hi Rhiannon.

        A lot of developments in the city centre do not accept pet, there are a few but you would need to contact us to see if we have any Availablity in those developments,
        please call 0161 834 8486

        Julie Twist Properties

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