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How to Style Your Property

Interior design tends to be one of those things that people either love or hate to do themselves. Whether you’re working on updating your own home or your styling a property with a view to renting it out, there are many tips and tricks you can borrow from the experts to get your place looking just the way you want it. We go through some easy-to-achieve interior design ideas below to get your creative juices flowing!

  1. Add a splash of colour

Many of the apartments in Manchester city centre can be large, light and airy, but also a bit of a blank canvas. Think cream walls and furniture in muted greys and browns. While this is a great start, to make your property really stand out, you could add an accent colour to each room. This doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming job; you might just buy some cushions, candles and a couple of pictures in a striking bright blue or a bold red. But if you have a bit more time, you could paint or wallpaper a feature wall, or even have some artwork commissioned for your apartment to really make it stand out.

  1. Let the light in

With the long winter months, we can find ourselves swathing windows in heavy curtains and blinds, trying to keep heat in and the world out! But, especially as summer comes along, it’s great to make the most of natural light entering your space. The first step is to make sure your windows have had a good clean, inside and out. Secondly, consider swapping heavy curtains for lighter fabrics or using tiebacks so that the windowpanes aren’t obscured.

Not blessed with great natural light at your property? Try brighter bulbs in your light fittings or buy some freestanding lamps that you can move about to add lightness and create a new mood in particular rooms or areas.

  1. Pick a few statement pieces

It can be very easy to play it safe when it comes to furniture at your property. A nice, traditional leather sofa can look very classy, as can a solid wooden bookcase. But what if you went just a little bit wild and plumped for a brightly patterned sofa instead, or opted for some statement industrial-style metal shelving to draw the eye? These sorts of details can turn what otherwise might be quite an average-looking property into something really exciting!

  1. Mix the old with the new

If you live in a period property, the temptation can be to ensure that the décor follows suit. Similarly, if your property is brand new, you can find yourself discounting vintage-style fixtures and fittings. It can really bring a fresh twist to a place, though, when you marry the two. Think some beautiful antique chairs alongside a modern and functional dining table, for example, or perhaps an old storage chest as a coffee table in the middle of an otherwise-modern lounge space.

  1. Go with your gut instinct

When updating your property, it’s common to overthink things. It’s all the rage now to spend hours creating mood boards and searching the internet for inspiration, but your gut instinct can often be the best guide as to what really belongs in your space. So, take time to browse around furniture shops, markets and reclamation yards in person. You might just pick up some bits and pieces on the spur of the moment that really transform things – like quirky salt and pepper shakers for your kitchen or a lovely traditional tea set that you didn’t know you needed. If you go for things you’re naturally drawn to, you’ll find a place and a way to make them fit, even if you don’t know what it is yet!

Perhaps you’re just not the ‘do it yourself’ type? Worry not! Between our property management and maintenance teams, we can arrange both decorating and furniture packs for you. Simply click here to find out more.

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