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    How to Streamline Your Spending

    There aren’t many people who would say that they wouldn’t like a bit more money! This is especially true if you’re a homeowner or tenant, who has to find the cast for a mortgage or rent bill each month. But what if that ‘extra money’ was actually sitting right under your nose? Below is our guide to streamlining your property-related spending so that you can afford a few more treats – or put that extra cash towards a property upgrade!


    One of the best ways to make some cash is to have a clear out of things you don’t need. Most of us have some old electrical items, clothes, ornaments or pieces of furniture hanging around that we don’t want any more, but which have plenty of life left in them. Why not sell them online via an auction site or spend a Sunday at a local car boot sale? You’ll normally have to pay seller fees for auction sites or a hire charge for a space at a boot sale – but these are usually just a few pounds. You’ll be amazed at how much ‘free money’ you can make from selling on things that you had considered worthless.

    Switch Your Service Providers

    Most of us spend years with the companies for gas, electricity, TV, broadband, phones and home insurance. These days, however, it’s so easy to compare the prices of different companies – you only have to Google ‘compare utility providers’ or similar to come up with a host of sites that will do it for you. In fact, most independent advisors recommend that you compare providers every time each of your services comes up for renewal because prices change depending on the market at any given time. Granted, it can take a bit of time to fill in all the details and complete a switch, but you’ll be pleased if you manage to save a few hundred pounds in the process! Even better, why not approach your existing provider and tell them if you have had a more competitive quote elsewhere? They will often match the lower price, saving you the hassle of switching! And there you have it: more money in your pocket for the sake of a telephone conversation.

    Speculate to Accumulate

    Sometimes, we have to spend money to make money. That’s how the economy works, isn’t it? One example is when you invest in something now for long-term gain. In relation to your property, this might mean having your home insulated to reduce the cost of energy bills in the future. Most people don’t realise that they are literally burning money by having draughty windows, doors and roofs, for instance, that let heat literally seep out of the property. Having these things fixed can lead to lower outgoings on energy – as can forking out for an annual service for your boiler to help keep your home energy efficient. Some people even qualify for free or reduced-cost insulation as part of local council schemes (depending on your income and benefits) – it’s worth checking with local authorities before having work done. Certain energy companies will also reward you with discounts on new boilers and other items if you sign up to their annual maintenance schemes, too. At Julie Twist Properties, we can also provide maintenance services for you – contact us for information about how our engineers can help make your home more energy efficient.

    Be Frugal with Food

    An easy place to look when it comes to saving money is your own fridge. It’s been estimated that we throw away between £470 and £700 of food every year per household – due mostly to poor planning or faddiness. We shouldn’t be throwing food away just because we’re bored with it – if this sounds like you, why not search online for a recipe to turn your leftovers into something else before they go off?

    Also, next time you’re food shopping, think properly about what you’re putting in your trolley – do you really need a buy-one-get-one-free on perishable goods like yoghurts or meat? Will you eat them in time or will they just end up in the bin? Better still, make a list before you go shopping and stick to it: plan out your meals and snacks for the week, and resist the urge to go shopping mid-week. Your pocket will thank you for it! Some people find it’s less tempting to impulse buy if they do the weekly shop online, so that’s another tactic to consider (although you may have to pay a delivery charge).

    If you’re looking for ways to make your money go further for that next let or property purchase, then why not let us give you some independent financial advice? Contact us for more details.







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