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    How to improve the value of your home with good interior design

    How to improve the value of your home with good interior design

    If you are thinking of selling your property it is natural to want to maximise its value on the market. There are many ways that you can do so, but one that is often overlooked is good interior design. Here we take a look at some of the best ways that you can increase the value of your home with nothing more than smart interior design.

    Understand your target market

    Improving the value of a home with interior design isn’t as simple as adding the best features within your budget. Making the wrong choices can actually make your home less appealing to buyers, so it is essential that you take some time to think about how you want the overall home to look once the redesigned is complete.

    And the thing that needs to inform your choices is not what you think would look good – but what you think your target market will want. Think about who is likely to buy your home: is it suited to a young family, an older couple, or even as a bachelor pad? The interior design work you might carry out for these types of properties would clearly be very different.

    Once you understand your target market you can start making a plan for the property redesign as a whole.

    Focus on natural light

    If you are looking at making changes, one of the most effective that you can make to any property is to allow for more natural light. Of course, making physical changes to a property is the obvious way, such as adding a skylight to a room, or expanding windows will allow in more natural night, but this is far from the only way.

    There are many things that you can to accentuate the natural that enters a room, and make better use of it. For example, dark paint absorbs light, so painting a room a lighter, brighter colours will do a better job of redistributing the sunlight. Additionally, using less furniture in a space allows the light to get into the corners of the rooms, adding light.

    You can also do simple things like adding mirrors which push the light around the room.

    Spend on the kitchen

    If you are going to spend money improving a property, it is always recommended that you first spend on the kitchen. The kitchen is considered to be the focal point of the home, and spending money to improve it will certainly see an improvement in terms of the value when you take it to market.

    Often the smartest thing to do is to make changes to the fundamentals of the kitchen, doing the room the foundations it needs. For example, you could look into adding new high-quality stone worktops to really give a wow factor to those looking at your kitchen – of course making sure that you are selecting the type of stone that is right for the aesthetic of your home.

    But remember it’s not just the big things that you can change to make a big difference; if you don’t have the budget to make major changes, just freshen up some of the features. Put in new taps, or change the doors on the cabinets. Getting the kitchen right is a great start as this will often be the room that potential buyers are most interested in looking at.

    Upgrade the bathroom

    The next room after the kitchen that is worthy of your attention is the bathroom. Once again, this is a room that buyers will prioritise, as they are some of the trickiest to change themselves. To get the bathroom right it is a good idea to think about your target market again; what kind of bathroom is going to appeal to them?

    It may be the case that you could install a beautiful walk in shower with a skylight – or perhaps it is better to invest in an extra-size bathtub for soaking. But it also comes down to smaller things too like selecting the kinds of bathroom tiles that will suit the buyers.

    Once again, this it can be a case that a little goes a long way. Choosing new taps, or adding a new shower head aren’t expensive changes, but they can really smarten up your bathroom.

    Check lighting throughout the house

    One detail that it’s worth getting right is the lighting. We’ve talked about the importance of natural light, but you should also ensure that your lights are in good working order, and are illuminating rooms properly. Using brighter lightbulbs or repositioning lamps can help to spread light more evenly.

    Rid your rooms of clutter

    Finally, remember that clutter can put off potential buyers and even lead to properties losing value. So, when you are redesigning your home, try to be as minimalist as possible. It will not only make your property look larger, but it ensures that buyers can easily visualise how they would use the space themselves.

    Ultimately, choosing understated and timeless style options is best. This is not the time to be making bold selections that will polarise buyers. Great interior design can make a surprising difference to your sale price, so this is definitely something that you need to get right.

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