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    Many people embark upon the search for a new house or flat by trawling through different property websites and looking at adverts placed in local newspapers. This can be time consuming and sometimes unproductive; below is some useful advice to help you to find your perfect property whilst saving you valuable time and effort.

    The next thing that you need to be clear on is where you want your property to be situated. By researching local areas such as crime rates, local amenities and whether it is in a friendly neighbourhood, you will be able to find your ideal location. If you are flexible, then pick a few of your favourite areas and search within those, as opposed to conducting a very broad search.

    The next important thing to remember is to take advantage of your local estate agents. The agents know better than anyone about the current properties on the market and they will be able to offer useful advice whilst also answering any queries that you may have. As well as this, they can arrange viewings for you and provide detailed information on any properties that you may be interested in.

    It is essential to search for a home where you could see yourself living in the future, rather than a temporary place to reside. Do not settle for the first place that you see but take time to consider all of your options e.g. if you have young children, look at whether there is a local school nearby.

    Finally, consider the type of property that appeals to you; look at whether it is a traditional house or a new build with modernity’s. Take into consideration your heating bills, council tax for the local area and be sure that you can afford the general upkeep of the property.

    Once you have decided on a viewing, learn everything that you can about the property. Do not be afraid to ask questions, try to stay within your budget and have the property surveyed before your commit to buying.

    If you’re looking for property in the Manchester area, JJT Residential Services has a range of upmarket flats for sale in Salford Quays

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