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    Autumn: The Perfect Time to Sell a Home

    As September rolls around, we are often busy returning to some sort of normality after a summer of fun and freedom. Moving house might seem like the farthest thing from your mind right now.

    But did you know that Autumn is actually a popular time of year for selling property? Many people resolve to change something in their lives as the new school year begins, and for some, thoughts turn to a new home. Indeed, customers often come into our offices saying that they ‘want to complete before Christmas’ – having a move done and dusted before the end of the year is a common goal.

    So, if you’re looking to sell, how do you tap into this captive market? People tend to see summer as the time when a home looks its best – you have the benefit of brighter and longer-lasting natural light, gardens tend to be in bloom, and the winter clutter of boots, big coats and blankets has been packed away. But in Autumn, you can make the most of a cosier look (remember how we talked about ‘hygge’ a few months back), which can actually make it easier for potential buyers to feel at home when they enter your property.

    1. Clean that carpet!

    Over the summer, more debris can make its way inside the home than usual – kids, adults and pets are in and out more frequently during the warmer months, dragging mud, leaves and sand with them, amongst other things. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your home looking and smelling fresh again is to have a professional carpet clean.

    2. Shine like a star

    The nights may be drawing in, but you need to make sure that the sun is shining inside as much as possible so you can present your home in its best light! Open blinds and curtains fully, hang some extra mirrors to reflect brightness and consider investing in some stronger lightbulbs or extra lamps for those gloomier days when everything just looks grey.

    3. Be savvy about viewing times

    On the brightness theme, it’s a good idea to ensure that your property is accessible for viewings during the lighter hours of the day. Some vendors insist on being at home for viewing appointments, but this can hinder your chances of selling if you don’t get home from work until it’s dark. So, trust your estate agent with the keys and you just might achieve a faster sale.

    4. Ensure your property smells fresh…

    As the days get cooler, it’s easy to shut the windows in September, only for them to remain closed until April or May! The result? Stuffy properties that may also suffer from condensation-related damp smells. Throw open those windows, even if it’s just for a few minutes each morning and afternoon. This will help to clear moisture and bad smells, making your home more inviting to purchasers.

    5. …But keep it toasty!

    On a related note, don’t keep those windows open for too long, either! There is no greater property turn-off than a home that feels chilly and uninviting. Encourage your viewers to stay by heating your home for a short period each morning and evening – put the boiler on a timer if you’re out or are likely to forget. Remember, the aim is to think ‘cosy’!

    6. Bring the outside in

    This is another idea taken from our spring article, but this time you want to bring in the feel of the autumn season. Don’t spend a fortune; try a russet-coloured throw or some gold candles – or even just a pretty bowl of seasonal fruits (perhaps with a few colourful leaves mixed in). It’s amazing how much people react instinctively to seasonality – and the warmness of the autumnal colour palette can really help to sell your place.

    7. Go easy on the pot pourri

    Autumn often evokes scented candles and spicy smells, and it can be tempting to lace your property with your favourite aromas in a bid to sell. But what if potential buyers don’t like the smell or, worse still, they have an allergy to your chosen fragrance? Keep it simple: ensure the property smells clean, and perhaps consider a well-timed fire if you have a log burner or similar (although obviously only if you are present!). Few people dislike the look, smell and warmth of a comforting fireplace – and you’ll also be drawing the viewers’ eyes to one of the property’s key features. You could also create a similar effect with fragrance-free candles.

    8. Cut the clutter

    As the kids go back to school and people return from summer holidays, it’s easy for communal areas like kitchens and hallways to become filled with junk – everyone is busy and there just seems to be more ‘stuff’ around at this time of year. Instead, donate unneeded items to charity or put them in storage – and resist the temptation to chuck everything outside as your buyers will need to be attracted by the exterior areas of the property, too!

    Whatever you do when it comes to selling your home, the most important thing is to make it a place people want to come back to. So, remember to think light, bright and comfy as you prepare your place for sale this autumn.

    If you require any assistance with maintenance or cleaning in the run-up to a property sale, our experts will be happy to offer quotes for any job, no matter how big or small. Contact Julie Twist Properties today.

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