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    14 Reasons to Love Manchester

    Love is in the air following Valentine’s Day this weekend! To celebrate, we’re looking at 14 reasons why we love our city – and why you should, too!

    1. Manchester is the UK’s second city. Well, it vies for the title with Birmingham at least. Greater Manchester is the country’s second most-populated urban area and has come top of a wide range of opinion polls and studies that have tried to establish which city follows London in terms of the economy, culture, transport, population and general popularity. And it’s most certainly the capital of the North!

    2. We’ve been voted the UK’s “most liveable city” several times over, beating the likes of London, Birmingham and Edinburgh to the title. That’s reason enough to get your skates on and move here now!

    3. Food! If you love food, you’ll love Manchester. The city’s diverse cultural landscape means that the cuisines of the world are on your doorstep, with exciting options such as Mexican, Lebanese, Turkish, Russian and even Ethiopian food being available. And for the less exotic amongst you, try Manchester Tart, Eccles Cakes and Bury Black Pudding, which all hail from the region.

    4. The musical heritage is second to none. The Stone Roses. Oasis. The Smiths. Joy Division. New Order. Happy Mondays. Need we say more?!

    5. If you love sport, Manchester won’t disappoint! Not only are rival football clubs Manchester United and Manchester City based here, but we also have Old Trafford Cricket Ground, the Olympic-sized swimming pool at Manchester Aquatics Centre and even a whole area named Sportcity, which is a legacy of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

    6. Business development is burgeoning in Manchester. And what does that mean? More jobs! In the last 10 years, the city’s business district, Spinningfields, has developed and boomed. Moreover, with the big BBC move to Salford Quays in 2011, Greater Manchester has become a key player in UK media – a reputation that is here to stay.

    7. ‘Votes for Women’ was born here. That’s right – Emmeline Pankhurst was one of Manchester’s own. Her campaigning for women’s rights laid the foundations for the breadth and tolerance of our modern society. We salute you, Emmeline!

    8. Vimto. You might remember it as a childhood favourite, as that drink from the adverts with the swimming trunks, or as a flavour distilled into a lolly on the Curry Mile. What you might not know is that soft drink was originally created in our home town in 1908 as a restorative health cure.

    9. Technology. Alan Turing has been in the spotlight recently due to a new film and a royal pardon, but Manchester folk love him for being the man who created the world’s first computer in our fair city. And now look at what that huge machine – the size of a whole room – has become!

    10. Manchester is the home of great literature. Many people love a book – but did you know that Elizabeth Gaskell, iconic author of Cranfield, was a Manchester resident for many years? More recently, Carol Ann Duffy has become an adopted Mancunian, and who could forget Salford’s own inimitable punk poet, John Cooper Clarke? The annual Manchester Literature Festival is also an unmissable event.

    11. Manchester is a hub for world-class research. With its concentration of universities (University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford, to name only its most central institutions), the city has become famous as the place where the atom was first split (by Rutherford in 1919), the home of super-thin material graphene, and the home of celebrity physicist Professor Brian Cox. What next? The mind boggles!

    12. We move on from science to shopping! Manchester is the UK’s fourth-largest retail centre. From the brand-packed Arndale Centre to the swankier offerings of New Cathedral Street and Spinningfields, as well as the independent boutiques of the Northern Quarter, you can buy anything and everything you can imagine. And if that’s not enough, you can take a trip to the famous Trafford Centre and lose a day in its busy mix of outlets.

    13. We’re surrounded by water. Manchester might be an industrial city, but it’s home to the Manchester Ship Canal, which is flanked by the River Irwell and the River Mersey. The result is a landscape with beautiful views that can be enjoyed from around the city – and perhaps even from your very own waterside home!

    14. The crazy architecture means you can live somewhere really special! Ever fancied living in the UK’s tallest residential building? Well, if you move into the 47-storey Beetham Tower, you can fulfil that dream! If heights aren’t your cup of tea, you might want to try living in a converted church – at St George’s Church apartments in Castlefield, you can do just that! Or you might prefer reliving the days of the ‘Madchester’ clubbing scene, in which case the apartments at the Haçienda and Finlay’s Warehouse will float your boat!

    At Julie Twist Properties, we are experts on Manchester city living. Contact us today to find out about the wide range of apartments we have on offer for sale and to rent.

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